Art on Leather Museum-House

Art on Leather Museum-House

Casa Ramón García Romero

The Art on Leather Museum-House, situated right in the heart of the old quarter of Cordoba, next to the Mosque, has on permanent display the work of artist Ramón García Romero, who after a long period of historical research, has revived the Omeyan art form of the Guadameci (painted, embossed leatherwork). This fascinating revival is displayed in five different rooms, together with other ancient leatherwork techniques.

The main vocation of the Museum-House is to provide the public with a glimpse of this exquisite feature of our native culture, which represents a unique historical and artistic legacy in the world.

There are panels with explanations available in Spanish, English, French and German to guide you round the exhibition.

It also offers the chance to hire a tour guide to accompany visitors round the permanent exhibition as well as the restoration workshop and art studio. This latter part of the visit is only available if you hire a guide (languages: Spanish, French, English, German and Japanese).

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