Guided tours and organized visits

Guided tours and organized visits

Professional Organisations of Tourist Guides in Cordoba:
-APIT (Professional Association of Tourist Guides):
All services are provided in the following languages: Spanish, English, French, Italian, German & Japanese.
Phone and fax: +34 957 486 997 - -

Tour guides in the following languages: Spanish, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese and Arabic.
+34 633 81 00 53 - -
Guided tours for individual visitors with guaranteed departures: Click here

All services are provided in the following languages: Spanish, English, French & German.
 +34 957 492 638 / 630 931 421 - -

Travel agencies of Cordoba offering regular tours:
-Cordoba Vision

Guided tours for individual visitors with guaranteed departures: Click here
Cordoba Vision also provides Tourist Routes, Route of the Caliphate and customized guided tours for conferences, incentives, groups etc., with official guides in Spanish, English, French, German, Italian and Japanese.
+34 957 760 241 / 957 299 777 -

-Konexion Tours
Guided tours for individual visitors with guaranteed departures: 
Click here
Konexion Tours offers also guided tours for groups, congresses and incentives also with local qualified guides in Spanish, English, French, German and Italian.
+34 639 713 689 - -

Other companies of Cultural Tours in Cordoba:
-Accessible Tours round Cordoba
This company offers you all the magic and charm of Cordoba within easy reach. Whether it is for families, school groups, children, youngsters or the elderly, everyone can enjoy its history and appreciate its heritage, cuisine and wellness resources. Languages: Spanish, English and Italian.
+34 660 344 930 - -

-Artencordoba Guided Tours
This cultural management company specializes in explaining the heritage of Cordoba and runs guided tours for individuals and groups. It also organizes events, conferences and incentives.
+34 692 356 398 - - 

-Caracol Tours
Caracol Tours are the pioneers of slow tourism in Cordoba (‘Caracol is Spanish for ‘snail), offering you relaxing mornings with organic producers of wine, oil, oranges and Iberian ham products or with artisans who produce leatherwork, silverwork, items from esparto grass and honey. Enjoy the courtyards and the people who look after them. Get to know Cordoba through its people and its traditions.
+34 699 611 577 -  -

-Cordoba Incoming
Cordoba Incoming is a company created to develop quality tourism and provide a memorable experience for visitors. The company produces tourism and leisure experiences and revitalizes services in the fields of tourism and culture. It offers visitors itineraries and expertly planned tailor-made activities, providing them with the opportunity to enjoy unique, authentic experiences.
+34 957 299 332 - 629 649 218 -

-Cordoba a Pie (Cordoba on Foot)
Cordoba a Pie is a company which manages tourism, culture and entertainment and specializes in guided tours for individuals and groups and tours with guaranteed departure times (tours with official guides). Take your own personalized guided tour round Cordoba. Enjoy the experience of discovering Cordoba like a traveller on a new adventure.
+34 601 168 332 - - 

-Cordoba In Tour
With Cordoba In Tour, the more you know about Cordoba, the more youll fall in love with it, with tailor-made visits for either individuals or groups. Theres a wide range of tours on offer, with guaranteed departures. Languages: Spanish, English and Italian.
+34 622 307 470 - - 

Tailor-made guided tours, from the classic 3 hour tours, including the Mosque-Cathedral, Synagogue and Jewish quarter, to the special routes of the Courtyards of Cordoba, Jewish Cordoba, Roman Cordoba... and much more in Cordoba and its province. Languages: Spanish, English, French, German, Japanese and Italian. For other languages, specialised interpreters and translators are available on request. -

-Descubir Córdoba (Discover Cordoba)
This company is expert in heritage and cultural management. It offers guided tours and tailor-made tours as well as services for meetings, conferences, incentives for luxury tourism, for singles and others.
+34 699 88 60 52 - - 

-Foodie Tours Córdoba
Get a taste of Córdoba, book handpicked gourmet tours and activities custom-tailored activities with your local foodie guide. An expert team of foodie insiders will craft the perfect activity, customized to your groups specifications.
+34 610 734 488 - -

-Once Upon a Time in Cordoba
Discover the city in an unusual, magical way through night-time walks where you learn about legends and secret underground places...
+34 652 374 417 - - 

-Oway Tours
Offers original and dynamic experiences with guided tours by professionals with experience working in the cultural heritage and the customer service. Tours with guaranteed departure times for individuals and groups in Spanish, English, French and Italian.
+34 688 376 581 –

-Quiero Quiero
Quiero Quiero makes a visit to Cordoba all that more relaxing and fun. It offers tourists a number of leisure activities, including a VIP archaeological tour, alternative accommodation, an adventure day or the possibility of an anniversary, birthday or farewell surprise for your best friend. Hiring any of Quiero Quieros services involves no extra costs and you can benefit from their exclusive products.
+34 699 488 348 - - 

-Woow Cordoba
Official tourist guides in Spanish, English and French. Woow Cordoba makes you feel like youve really lived through the history of Cordoba. The official tour guides not only help you discover our citys world heritage, in its physical and cultural aspects, but also bring you an unforgettable experience for the senses, with new sensations, emotions and knowledge.
+34 626 057 613 - -