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The Fair of Cordoba (Spain)
The Fair of Cordoba
The Cordoba Fair is usually held at the end of May, to mark the feast of Our Lady of la Salud (Health). The special fairground in el...
Popular festivities and fairs in Cordoba (Spain)
Popular festivities and fairs
During the months of June, July, August, September and October, the are a large number of local festivities and fairs held in the city...
The White Night of Flamenco in Cordoba (Spain)
The White Night of Flamenco in Cordoba
No other city in the world hosts such an original event as The White Night of Flamenco, which takes place in Cordoba for one whole night in...
International Guitar Festival (Cordoba - Spain)
International Guitar Festival
In the month of July, Cordoba becomes the City of the Guitar. The Cordoba Guitar Festival is one of the cultural highlights of the city...