Cordoba has a network of top quality, multi-purpose theatrical venues, which has been enhanced and enriched by the recent recovery of two new emblematic theatres in the city. The fully established Grand Theatre of Cordoba has now been joined by the Axerquía Theatre (opened in 2007) and the Gongora Theatre (opened in 2011), in response to the perennial need to provide more infrastructure for theatrical activity.

Cordoba is one of the few Spanish cities that has a Higher Drama School and boasts a wealth of lively cultural activity in this art form. The network of theatres in Cordoba hosts a wide variety of artistic productions, from theatre, concerts and festivals, to shows and teaching programmes.

The different acts are managed by the IMAE (Municipal Institute of Performing Arts), whose aims are to programme and distribute theatrical shows and related activities, to produce the shows and to cooperate on related projects with other cultural centres be they public or private. 

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