The Botanical Gardens for kids

The Botanical Gardens for kids

The educational events organised by the Botanical Gardens aim to encourage us to know more about, care for and preserve our natural environment.

These days, there is a wide range of programmes about biodiversity, learning about the world of plants, the origins of the plants we cultivate today and the passing-on of traditional expertise.

Around 30,000 young people of all ages visit the Gardens throughout the year, and the activities are adapted to their needs and school curriculum, from nursery school right through to secondary school and university degree courses.

All the areas of the garden are adapted for children’s access and use, but it is the Ethnobotanical Museum, with all its colourful interactive panels, which most attracts the smallest ones.


If children have direct contact with nature and learn about plants and how they are used, this is a great way to convey values of respect towards the environment.  

This is the aim of these workshops, and the children, together with their families, always have a whale of a time. The workshops run in spring and autumn.

"Give Free Rein to your Imagination" Workshop: A handicrafts workshop where the kids get lots of practice in the 3 Rs while making fun eco-picture frames
"The Role of Paper" Workshop: Kids learn all about the history of paper and make their own sheet of recycled paper
"A Garden made for Eating" Workshop: A visit to the vegetable patch and the crops area where the kids help to harvest seasonal produce and then take part in a cookery workshop, where creativity is the name of the game
"Tracks and Signs" Workshop: Kids learn interesting biological facts about some of our familiar Mediterranean woodland animals (lynx, mongoose, fox, wolf) and have a chance to make and recognise their tracks
"Plant with your Imagination": A visit to the touch-and-smell section to learn about some aromatic plants and how to make window-boxes. The children get the chance to paint a window-box and learn about sowing seeds and looking after plants

Why not celebrate your birthday in a novel way? The aim is to encourage a respectful attitude towards the environment and healthy eating habits, through activities connected with nature; tea or breakfast is served based on ecological products; and everything takes place in healthy surroundings where the kids participate actively in activities specially designed for them.

The event lasts about two hours and includes a Nature workshop, led by a specialist teacher; a range of different Environment Workshops to choose from, in which the children and adults take part in a variety of activities such as recycling, making decorations, harvesting crops; plus an ecological Breakfast or Tea. The group can then stay on in the Gardens until closing time.

Opening Times:
-Tuesday to Friday from 5.00pm to 7.00pm
-Saturday mornings and evenings from 11.00am to 1.00pm and 5.00pm to 7.00pm

Price per child: 14 euros. Bookings must be made at least one week in advance.

Information and bookings:
-Zumaya Ambiente Creativo - Phones: +34 957 434 26 / 648 713 404
-Botanical Gardens - Phones: +34 957 200 018 / 957 200 355

A reading area for visitors has been set up in the Gardens. The books can be found in the Ethnobotanical Museum section and can be used by all "Regular Visitor Card" holders as well as "Friends of the Botanical Gardens Card" and "Botanical Readers Card" holders - the latter can be obtained free in the Gardens.

Most of the books in this programme come from the Andalusian Government’s "Encourage Reading" Programme. Please come and support this initiative - if you bring a book, either used or new, we will give you free entry to the gardens plus a free plant. Most of the books are children’s books.

Free entry for everyone who arrives at the gardens by bike in spring.

Everyone who obtains a Regular Visitor Card gets a free plant (given out in the Botanical Gardens). This card gives you free access to the gardens as well as the Martos Watermill.