Cuevas Romanas

Cuevas Romanas

The Cuevas Romanas restaurant is situated at the foot of the Sierra Morena right in the middle of nature just 5 minutes from Cordoba. It is known for its high archaeological value as it is integrated into some old caves that date back to Roman times which were formed by a rock quarry.

These remains are currently being analysed to establish whether the rock extracted from these quarries was used to build the various Roman monuments in Cordoba. It is easy to notice the imprints of the mining tools, the broken stone blocks and the marks from the fire of the oil lamps that time and the men who once worked there have left behind in the great room and various galleries comprising the structure.

The restaurant features a great room with a capacity for 150 diners. However, clients can enjoy the cuisine by candlelight in the surrounding gardens on summer nights.

The Cuevas Romanas kitchen, directed by Francisco Urbano Ramírez, is traditional with a touch of exquisite innovation. Specialities: codfish prepared in many different ways (Mozarabic style with raisins and pine nuts, in salad with mandarins and tomato vinaigrette, “tostao” in garlic sauce, served with onions, steamed and served with ratatouille…), country-style scrambled eggs with potatoes and meat, and pork shoulder butt in a puff pastry with foie and applesauce.


Capacity 300 persons
Closed Monday



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