Cuevas del Pino

Cuevas del Pino





Cuevas del Pino is a country farm, in 30 hectares of land which, since 1985, has been used for organic farming. It lies at the foot of the Sierra Morena mountains, in the fertile plain of the River Guadalquivir, surrounded by irrigated fields, where in ancient times stood Roman villas and Arab farmhouses.

The farmhouse, where the owners themselves live, is a traditional building with courtyards, garages, stables, a room for harnesses, storerooms, hen house, and so on. A wood occupies an area of 1 hectare around the house, with palm trees, almond trees, cypresses, walnut trees, mulberry trees and a rich variety of Mediterranean plants; and there is an orchard, with hens pecking around next to the horse enclosure.

The swimming pool (10m x 5m) is in the middle of the garden, and there are tables and benches where guests can enjoy meals in the beautiful surroundings after taking a refreshing dip.

The nearby Cave (where the name Cuevas del Pino comes from) was originally an Arab quarry, and its sheer size and cool interior make it an extremely attractive place to visit, where from time to time different cultural and ecological activities take place.

Our main attraction is the peace and quiet, simplicity and natural beauty: a perfect spot to relax only 14 kilometres from Cordoba.

The house called "El Sol" (The Sun) sleeps 5-7 people and "La Luna" (The Moon) sleeps 2-4; both houses are officially listed in the Tourist Delegation’s Rural Accommodation Register, and fulfil all the current regulations.


Facilities Fully-fitted kitchen, open fire, swimming pool, heating



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