Casa Mazal

Casa Mazal

Casa Mazal has the aim of restoring the culture and traditions of sephardis and andalusis, through gastronomy. Casa Mazal, which in Hebrew means House of Fortune, is housed in an antique home in the heart of the Jewish Quarter of Cordoba. The house has original elements from the 14th century and contains as part of its interior an alleyway of the Jewish area of the city.

Casa Mazal’s food is fresh and seasonal, using local products of the highest quality. In addition, the menu of Casa Mazal is the product of a research into books and Sephardic communities in the Mediterranean basin (Israel, Turkey, Morocco...) on the gastronomic tradition of the Spanish jews. This is why eating in Casa Mazal is not only a pleasure for senses, but also a cultural experience.

The Casa Mazal menu does not include pork meat recipes, nor additives forbidden by jewish tradition (or by muslim culture), and offers a wide range of vegetarian recipes (as well as non-dairy desserts for food-allergic people).

Casa Mazal offers kosher menus conforming to the standards of Masorti Olami and the World Union for Progressive Judaism. They can also order in advance imported kosher food conforming to the standards of the Orthodox Union. This menu, available only to groups of 15 people or more.


Dining rooms available

Three rooms and a patio, all beautifully decorated and laid out. These rooms can be used for private lunches and dinners, as well as business meetings and culinary lecture.


70 persons



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