Daily Bus to Medina Azahara

The best way to get to Medina Azahara Archaeological Site is on the Daily Bus to Medina Azahara, a journey that will take you direct to one of the most stunning historic sites of Cordoba.

Timtetable of the Daily Bus to Medina Azahara and bookings (* NB: Tickets cannot be purchased in the bus):

Note: Only if you have the bonus of this service, the price includes shuttle service from the Reception Centre to the entrance of the Archaeological Site and the return journey.


DISCOUNTS (not cumulative):

RESERVATIONS FOR PREVIOUSLY ARRANGED GROUPS (21 persons minimum)Autocares Bravo: Tel. +34 957 429 034 - Email: fbravo@autocaresbravo.com

STARTING POINT: Bus stop on Paseo de la Victoria (Red Cross Hospital Roundabout) and on Paseo de la Victoria (opposite the Mercado Victoria).

RETURN JOURNEY: Please be punctual, because if you miss the bus, alternative transport cannot be organized.

Daily Bus to Medina Azahara (Cordoba - Spain)
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