Cordoba Zoo (Spain)

Cordoba Zoo (Spain)

Zoos have been a feature of major cities for centuries. Thankfully, zoos have evolved and while they were originally intended as simply places to exhibit or display exotic animals, they have gradually become centres for the protection, conservation, study and reproduction of endangered species of wildlife. They also provide a basic support for environmental education, with wild animals as a primary resource, and a wide range of educational activities take place there.

Cordoba Municipal Zoo, located at the far end of Cruz Conde park, was opened in late 1967 and officially inaugurated on May 15, 1968.

The zoo was closed for seven years for rebuilding work to bring it in line with the new laws passed on zoos in October 2003. The infrastructure and basic equipment were replaced and after that, it reopened on June 4, 2006.

The zoo occupies an area of 4.5 hectares and has been completely rebuilt to house a wide range of animal species in its numerous newly-built facilities.

These days, there is a comprehensive strategy in place to provide the zoo with all the necessary equipment to perform the following functions:
-Scientific research: Prioritizing research which involves saving species, populations and habitats in the wild
-Species conservation: Working to maintain populations of species in their natural habitats and the long-term survival of ecosystems
-Education: Promoting public awareness of the irreplaceable value of species and their habitats
-Leisure: The zoo is the ideal place for families or schools groups to come and enjoy themselves.

Cordoba Zoo offers an educational program with a wide range of different activities for schools, organized groups, families and the general public. The following educational activities take place (bookings must be made in advance):
-Educational Workshops for schools (Tuesday to Friday during the school year, from 10.00am to 2.00pm)
-Educational Workshops for the general public (Saturdays, 10.00am to 2.00pm)
-A Night in the Zoo (Friday nights in June, July and first half of September)
-Holiday Camps in the Zoo (Easter, Summer and Christmas holidays)
-Friends of the Zoo Club (One Saturday a month for club members)

Welcome to Cordoba Zoo, Centre for Wildlife, a place where you can learn to know, respect and love wildlife in general and in particular, the wild animals which share with us this unique ecological niche: planet Earth.

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