Cordoba Natural destination

Surely you know that Córdoba has 4 World Heritage Sites, but maybe you still don’t know that in Córdoba the natural world is bursting with life wherever you go: in the historic centre, just by the Roman Bridge lies an area known as Los Sotos de la Albolafia, protected as a Natural Area in 2001 due to its rich variety of birdlife.

Other natural areas are especially suited to visiting with children, such as the Royal Botanical Garden, the Zoo or the Children’s City. There are gardens inside tourist sites like the Orange-Tree Courtyard in the Mosque or the gardens in the Fortress of the Christian Monarchs, over 20 parks spread around the city and the mountain area known as the ‘Sierra de Córdoba’, which contains the Villares Nature Park (8km from Córdoba), with its magnificent panoramic views, the Córdoba Country Club, with its splendid 18-hole golf course in the heart of the Sierra Morena mountains.

As well as hiking routes in the mountains, particularly the walks to the Bejarano Stream, the Baths of Popea, the Hermitages, Cerro Muriano or the Pozo de la Nieve hill, all of which make ideal venues for hiking and whose paths are perfect for cross-country cycling too.

Cordoba a Natural Destination

Map of Cordoba’s Natural places 

Download the Cordoba’s Natural Heritage Guide.

We propose all these activities: hiking, orientation in the mountains, active tourism, personal development activities, equestrian and livestock activities, golf, a Cordovan basin, a visit to a school farm, bird watching, a soak in a water park, fishing and many more.

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The next time you come to Córdoba, in addition to visiting the heritage and the city, reserve a few days to breathe the pure air of the Sierra.

Cordoba Natural destination
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