Convent of Jesús Crucificado (The Crucified Jesus)

Convento de Jesús Crucificado

This Dominican convent was founded in the year 1508 under the patronage of the Marquises of El Carpio. The church itself was started in the 16th century and contains beautiful decorative Mudejar ceilings. There is a particularly attractive 17th century entrance leading to calle Leiva Aguilar and the older side of the cloisters, made up of arches resting on columns with capitals (some of which date from the Visigoth period) is also worth seeing. The main altarpiece dates from the 18th century and vies in beauty with the magnificent carved wooden reredos. After the dissolution of the monasteries in the 19th century, it was used as a barracks, and nowadays has become an old people's home.

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