Children’s city

Children’s city

Children’s City is the biggest children’s playground area in the city and the only one in Spain which also includes a large expanse of mature parkland, covering an area of four hectares.

Children’s City has thirty different items of playground equipment for children, some of which are divided into other smaller apparatus. Although most of these are of the type found in other parks, some have been specially designed for this project and are thematically linked to features in the city of Cordoba - for instance, the "Vulcan-Mosque" play complex or the huge water game called "The River".

Another of the main features is the skating and skate-boarding rink, which is supervised by specially trained monitors.

There are four toilet blocks in the playground, benches and two bar/kiosks specially adapted for children as well as adults. There is also a first aid kit available in case of any minor injuries.

The playground is surrounded by an attractive multi-coloured perimeter fence and is adapted for use by the physically handicapped.

All the materials used in the playground equipment and pavements are guaranteed by safety certificates.


Avda. Menéndez Pidal - Cordoba (Spain)

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