The Holy Week of Cordoba

Festival of National Tourist Interest

The origins of Holy Week in Cordoba, as we know it today, go back to the Middle Ages. Small brotherhoods, first formed in the 16th century, organised the first religious street processions, which soon gained an enthusiastic popular following. The custom has survived to this day, despite changes that have taken place over the years. In Cordoba, some of these early brotherhoods are still active, while some have fallen by the wayside and others have grown in popularity over the years. Nowadays, Holy Week in Cordoba boasts a rich heritage in the form of carvings, ornaments and liturgical objects and arouses passionate feelings among the spectators, with 38 different brotherhoods organizing processions around the city.

Every Holy Week is a unique experience, and particularly so in the case of Cordoba, since it takes place against the incomparable backdrop of the old city, which has won four World Heritage Site awards, two of which, the Mosque (1984) and the Historic Quarter (1994), are of special relevance:

The Holy Week of Cordoba holds the title of Festival of National Tourist Interest granted by the Secretary of State for Tourism of the Government of Spain.

The 2024 Holy Week of Cordoba dates: 24th to 31st March. 

Further information on Holy Week is available on

The Holy Week of Cordoba (Spain)
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