Montilla-Moriles wine-tasting Festival (Cordoba)
***CANCELLED DUE TO THE COVID-19*** In 2021, the 37th Montilla-Moriles wine-tasting Festival takes place between 21st and 25th April....
Nights of Ramadan (Cordoba - Spain)
Nights of Ramadan
There are tours, visits, theatre, walks, exhibitions, workshops, conferences, cinema and so much more in this action-packed programme known...
The Holy Week of Cordoba (Spain)
The Holy Week of Cordoba (Spain)
***PROCESSIONS CANCELLED DUE TO THE COVID-19 *** The 2021 Holy Week of Cordoba dates: 28th March to 4th April (***PROCESSIONS CANCELLED...
Cordoba Carnival (Spain)
Cordoba Carnival
The Cordoba Carnival takes place before Lent, in the month of February. The groups of singers known as chirigotas and comparsas gather in...
Cordoba of the three cultures Market (Spain)
Cordoba of the three cultures Market
In the shadow of the Calahorra Tower, at the foot of the Roman Bridge and with the Guadalquivir river running by, the last weekend of...