A flight in paramotor (motor-powered paragliding) makes you feel like a bird in flight! With Córdoba Vuela, you can experience this wonderful sensation.

All the year round. Cordoba is a paradise for paramotor flights.

The Córdoba Vuela airfield is located in El Arenal (in the special parking area used during the fair), just a 10-minute walk from the Mosque-Cathedral.

How long does the flight last?
That depends on the type of flight: there are four different types of flights:

Who can do it?
There are no limitations in terms of the passenger’s weight or physical condition, and in fact, most disabled people can enjoy these flights too. Unaccompanied under 18s must bring parental permission in writing. Flights can be individual or in groups of up to 20 people.

Córdoba Vuela
Campo de Vuelo El Arenal / Avenida Jesús Rescatado, 34 - 3º4 - Cordoba (Spain)
Telephone & WhatsApp: +34 663 969 341