Cordoba Hiking Trails

Cordoba Hiking Trails

Senderos Córdoba (Cordoba Hiking Trails): Hiking in Cordoba every day of the week

Enjoy nature in Cordoba. Senderos Cordoba (Cordoba Hiking Trails) invites you to visit the Bejarano Stream, a charming, unique landscape dotted with numerous historical remains and a key area to further our understanding of the splendour of Roman Cordoba and the Caliphate city when it was ruled from the Madinat Al-Zhara palace. It is a 12 km hiking trail, ideal for beginners, which takes 5-6 hours.

If you are looking for other trails, Senderos Cordoba has a wide range on offer in Cordoba and around the province: Trenches of the Civil War, GR 48 Hiking Trail, Mozarabic Trail, The Subbetica Mountians, The Sierra Morena Mountains and many more.

-Private hiking guide service (minimum 4 persons)
-Special deals for groups and discounts if you join in organized activities with people from Cordoba.

Senderos Córdoba
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