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Bicycle Hire

Elektrik Cordoba - Bicycle Hire

Cordoba is a city with many areas of interest. Electric bicycles and Ninebot personal transportation vehicles are both eco-friendly ways of getting around town which are perfect for admiring the views, seeing the sites or visiting the delightful old quarter.

Guided bike tours:
Medina Azahara Tour:
-Duration: 3 hours
-Route: We leave from the city centre and take a brief look at the Jewish Quarter before the guide takes you down the ‘Paseo de la Ribera’ alongside the river Guadalquivir. From there, we follow the bike lane all the way to the outskirts of Cordoba, where we join a country path leading directly to the Arabic ruins of  Medina Azahara.

Cordoba Sultana Tour:
-Duration: 2 hours
-Route: This is the most complete tour of all, which allows you to discover all the best loved spots, sculptures and monuments in Cordoba.

Design your own bike tour:
-Duration: Half day or full day.

Guided tours with a Ninebot:
Ninebot Experience Tour:
-Duration: 45 minutes
-Route: After a quick, easy introduction to the use of the Ninebot personal transportation vehicle, we do a tour of the Jewish Quarter, where you can enjoy the charming, narrow streets which take you back to the past.

Ninebot Cordoba Sultana Tour:
-Duration: One and a half hours
-Route: This tour takes you round all the best known spots in the Jewish Quarter as you get to know Cordoba more closely, while enjoying the unforgettable experience of driving a Ninebot.

Elektrik Córdoba:
Address: Calle María Cristina, 5. 14002 Cordoba (Spain)
Telephones: +34 957 943 700 / +34 671 417 814

Bicycle Hire in Cordoba (Spain)